how often do you have sex?


How often is your dad “working late”?

[deilian voice as he tries out instagram] which filter will make dad come back

i’m going to bedoing a course in visual effects, just animation/videogame/cinema stuff (after effects, basic 3D, all that stuf) and my dad just keeps bothering me with Lawrence of Arabia

i don’t think making all the romanceable characters “bisexual”, in which you mean “only interested in your character”, is bifriendly

just a thought


this thing is cute


im not a model i swear the camera went off by itself

dps: *throws lil needle at enemy*
dps: that me taunt
A big kind for ride or the small hatchings
the birb you ride 2 battle
get 2 birbs, one birb for andrei one birb for arianne
capture ur own birb