the year is 2014 and we have animated man-turtles before wonder woman

I won’t let you down, Shepard.


angsty teenage boys



how to make ur anime:

(something) no (something)

done now u have an official working title for ur anime

tfw no gf

There is now a 250% boost to exploration Experience while on Makeb.

*touches screen*

inquisitor: this sword was made for my hands and my hands only. i am to die wielding it.
companion: what's it called
inquisitor: meme slayer 9000


also this is my favorite vine

current emotion:



I’m so angry and sad I want to shit a brick gdi.

Why do we repost without permission or don’t source the reprinted art?

Is it that scary or hard to ask for permission?

Pixiv artists are not scary. They are really sweet and kind.

No idea how? Go here.They have templates for asking for permission and replying in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. They are also willing to help you translate the replies you’ve received.

Don’t be afraid to ask if they can reply in English. Because majority of pixiv artists know some English.

OK I want to add some stuffs. I told this artist that I’m not good at Japanese and THE ARTIST REPLIED TO ME IN ENGLISH EVEN THOUGH SHE’S NOT GOOD AT IT AND I SAID THAT IT WAS OK REPLY IN JAPANESE.

Pixiv artists are really sweet and kind ok. Just ask them.


ilu and i dont even kno you